RCX 6-In-1 Multimeter Tester (Li-Po Voltage / Li-Po Alarm / Servo / ESC / PPM Signal / Temperature)

производитель: RCX

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It will warn you when it is time to land your helicopter
It will Buzz with very loud BB noise when any of the cells of your battery is under 3.3V, the volume is loud enough to alert you to land your helicopter immediately to avoid accident.

* Friendly remind:
The sound of the low voltage alarm is very big, so please be prepared when use it for the first time, and you can turn it OFF when use indoors.
    4 IN 1 Multimeter
        Performance testing of ESC.
        Servo rotation direction and scope of testing.
        Servo sensitivity of each cell of the test (0.01ms).
        Automatic operation or manual operation test of the choice of servo.
        Receiver signal is out of control monitoring alarm (out of control looking for).
        Digital temprature measurement and over-temperature alam (adjustable temperature alarm value).
        0.36 in. red high brightness LED digital display.
        Input and output ports are equipped with anti-reverse polarity protection circuit.
        Note: Be sure to use with the "1-8S Li-Polymer Battery Voltage Tester", this product can not be used independently.
    Li-Polymer Battery Voltage Tester / Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm (1-8 Cell)
        Product name: Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm
        Use for 1-8S Lipo/Li-ion/LiMn/Li-Fe
        Voltage detection precision: +_0.01V
        Unit voltage display range: 0.5~4.5V
        Total voltage display range: 0.5~36V
        1S test mode voltage range: 3.7~30V
        Low voltage alarm mode for 2-8S
        Alarm set value range:OFF~2.7~3.8V
        When the voltage is below the set value ,it will buzzer with red LED Light , pre-set value 3.3V , Push key whice can change the voltage settings and save.

    4 IN 1 Multimeter
        Item size: 29*24*7mm
        Net weight: 16g
    Li-Polymer Battery Voltage Tester / Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm (1-8 Cell)
        Size: 40mm x 25mm x 11mm
        Gross Weight : about 16g

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