Gyro Double Tape (3M / 35x25x3mm / High Viscosity / 6pcs)

производитель: RCX

Gyro Double Tape (3M / 35x25x3mm / High Viscosity / 6pcs)


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There is a rating on the viscosity of 3M Double Tape ranging from 1-10. This double tape we sell here is 8/10 which is very good already.

Never to test (touch) the double tape by your finger and judge the viscosity of any double tape is not good enough because your finger is wet which could cause the surface of the double tape to lose its viscosity. You should first clean the surface of the objects and make sure they are dry before you put on a double tape. Do not try to tear off (test) the tape immediately, instead of that you should wait for 24 hours.

The video below shows the 3M Double Tape we just put it on the helicopter for few minutes before shooting the video. So the viscosity will be even stronger if you test it after 24 hours.

This Gyro Tape was initially designed for:
RCX07-083 - RCX 3-Axis Flybarless (FBL) Gyro System

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