Паяльник с регулируемой температурой и LCD экраном

Паяльник с регулируемой температурой и LCD экраном


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 The electric soldering iron kit comes with LCD display It has temperature setting function that you can adjust it to a suitable temperature for different projects. It's a great tool for electronics, computer equipment, watch repair and other craft projects.

Heats Up Fast: With quick heat-up and fast thermal recovery.
Temperature Range: 180~480℃ for using with constant temperature.
Adjustable Temperature: Set the desired value to meet your soldering needs.
New Design: Latest heat dissipation handle design, comfortable hand feeling for long term use, patent tail handle line pressing design is more secure to solder.
LCD Display: LCD digital display to show the temperature clearly.
Plug-pull Tip Design: Easy to install and replace the tips, time-saving and efficient.
Safer & More Stable Performance: The circuit board is double-sided gold plated.
Lightweight and Portable Size: You can start soldering anywhere at any time without feeling fatigue for long period of operation.
Longer Life with High Quality: Heat-insulated and non-slip silicone handle provides comfortable and secure operation.


Please do not touch the soldering tip metal part when the power is turned on. Please turn off the power when resting between usage or finished soldering.

Plug Type: EU Plug
Voltage: AC220-240V
Power: 60W
Color: Black / Red (Optional)
Material: High Temperature Plastics + Stainless Steel + Silicone
Display: LCD
Temperature Range: 180~480℃
Temperature Stability: ±10℃
Heating Type: Internal Heating
Soldering Nozzle: 900M Series

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